Beach Volleyball 2016

The event started off seeing the previous winners Pandanus using their free entry prize from last year to battle it out on the courts for a repeat result.

This year saw seven teams competing in a double elimination event giving each team the chance of winning the tournament even if they have had a loss along the way, with extra excitement and pressure being put on the leading teams not to relax too much.

As the whistle blew both courts burst into action seeing some of the best play so far. Our good friends Marou Chocolate put up a great fight, unfortunately they lost both their games in the first heat and graciously bowed out as the elimination rules dictated. The games continued to the next level and although the scores were close, it was Victoria and Jibes teams who found themselves taking a well deserved walk back to the showers, but the winning positions were still anyone’s.

After well needed lunch the teams were fuelled up and ready start. Remaining teams consisted of Pandanus, Palmira, Princess D’Nanam and Takalou. We knew from previous years all four teams were very serious about their game play and so began the battle. Princess D’Nanam played well but not well enough, taking a respectable 4th place. Palmira had already secured their place in the final, so it was up to Takalou and Pandanus (both last year finalists) to give it all they had to see who would be joining Palmira. Some spectacular game play with both teams giving it all they had but on the final whistle it was Takalou who managed to come out on top, and so the final began.

The players were thankful for a little cloud cover for the end game, Takalou came out strong smashing Palimra’s defence and showing once again they are a team not to be taken lightly. On the second set Palmira realised what had to be done and although it was close Palmira managed to secure the win, taking the game in to the final and deciding set. Takalou gave it all they had and really made Palmira work 110% but on the final whistle it was Palmira who found themselves on top.

After a very enjoyable prize giving, and big congratulations to the winning team, the usual festivities commenced. Once again the vast choice and quality of the outstanding ’Full Moon Village BBQ Buffet’ left bellies full and smiles on faces, great music and some questionable dancing was said to have continued into the late hours, what a perfect way to end such an enjoyable day.

Big thank to all who were involved, especially our sponsors for the great prizes and continued support and lets get ready for next year.

Marou Chocolate
Le Fruit Juice
Victoria Resort Phan Thiet
Coco Beach Mui Ne
Whale Village Mui Ne
Sea Links Golf and Country Club
The Warehouse Wine Merchants
Coca Cola
Dragon Beach
Full Moon Village Resort
Jibes Beach club

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