Red Sand Dunes

Red Sand Dunes Tour

Tour take about 3 hours, with 15km. Starting in the morning or afternoon from Fullmoon village and you will visit:

The Red Dunes

The Red Dunes, as the name suggests, reddish-brown sand that makes them a more popular place for photography. Smaller than White Dunes, they are easier to reach. Sand-sledding is a common and fun activity here.Visitors can rent plastic sleds and it is a wise idea to check the price and agree on it beforehand. Another interesting activity is kite flying as well as catching the beautiful sunset here. These dunes are a popular picnic place for locals too.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne Fishing Village is 7 km north of Mui Ne Town. The Village offers swaying palm trees and hundreds of boats mooring on the water. The best time to visit Mui Ne Fishing Village is in early morning or in late afternoon. A leisurely cycling trip is interesting and can be combined with a visit to the fish sauce village and the sand dunes.

Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream is the best magical destination in Mui Ne. All of a sudden the stream opens up to blue skies, more greenery, and the current changes slightly. You can walk a few kilometres on a stream, feel refreshed on your feet, and on the way you see some nice nature views of white and red dunes.

All Tours are not including entrance tickets, the tour guide and other additional cost.

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